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One of my personal goals over the last few years has been to improve my posture and to lose the slouched shoulders that I was acquiring with age. That's why I designed Blissful Back. I had consulted with back professionals and tried many things. As a designer I saw that I could make a better back aid and over the course of several years refined the design. It has worked very well and many of our customers are finding it helpful.

Caryl Malcolm says:

I am finding it good for relieving stress and tiredness. I just lie on the floor on my Blissful Back for about 10 or 15 minutes and I feel relaxed and energized again. And I am finding that it is giving my back a memory so I am walking and sitting with my back a lot straighter and taller than I did before.   

I also find this to be true and feel that I have more energy through the day using Blissful Back. Matt Rampen explained it in part, since Blissful Back helps align your back to better posture you naturally feel more at ease. It takes less work and less energy to sit and walk with good posture. He wrote an article for us explaining the mechanics of this. You can read it here.

Good Posture is just the beginning. I also combine this with some innovative exercise programs and lots of activity.  Foundation Training by Eric Goodman is one that I've found to be great. These guys have redefined what it means to exercise the "core" and introduced me to the importance of the multifidus muscles for a heatlhy dynamic back and good balance. I highly recommend it to everyone. Here's a link to their website.

Combining FoundationTraining with using Blissful Back has been my secret to restoring my back and keeping fit to enjoy an active lifestyle free of pain. My chiropractor, Dr. Steve Gates, recently told me with some amazement that I've changed the shape of my back and restored movement to areas that he has not been able to adjust in the 6 years we have worked together.    

Dr. Steve Gates, Chiropractor

 Seeing how James improved his back over 6 months was the best testimonial for the benefits of Blissful Back.

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