A few tips...

Where do I use it?

Blissful Back can be used on a chair or lying down. The first time you try it, start by sitting in a chair so you can get used to how it feels. We recommend placing a pillow under your head and a pillow under your hips the first time you use it lying down.

Take it with you to work for better posture at the office, to yoga class for an extra relaxing shavasana, or use it to support your back and deepen your breath while you're meditating. 

Try using Blissful Back for 10 minutes a day for a noticeable difference in your comfort and posture. 

Blissful Back Mini is for your lower back. It's perfect for traveling or for those who want more gentle support. It's narrow and lightweight design makes it great for planes, road trips, and train travel. Once-size-fits-all makes it the perfect gift!

Does it fit me?

The largest curve of the Blissful Back should fit snugly into the lumbar curve of your back (the small of your back). The small curve should fit between your shoulder blades. It should be aligned vertically with your spine, the grove in it is designed to "hug" your spine for additional support. Try moving it up and down a couple inches until you find the right spot. Check out the sizing chart to make sure you have the right size.

Will it break?

Definitely not. To quote my Dad, this foam is "the cadillac" of foams. It's non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and non off gassing. You can fold it, twist it and bend it. One Blissful Back should last you your life. Want to know more about the foam? You can check it out here.

Why does it work?

Blissful Back is made to follow the natural curve of your spine. It's unique design supports your lumbar and also helps to open up your chest muscles by supporting between your shoulder blades. When you lay down on the Blissful Back, or sit against it in a chair, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply, you should feel a nice strong support along your spine as well as an opening in your chest. Great stress relief!